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scheduling-icon Scheduling

SurgeOn™ provides the most comprehensive and sophisticated Scheduling package on the market today.  Eliminating the need for appointment books and forms, SurgeOn™ Scheduler is designed to allow you to quickly enter and record information.  Appointments can be scheduled in seconds and are automatically checked for any conflicts with personnel, equipment, or room availability.

An added feature is our implementation of system produced Chart Packs that decrease patient registration time and your printing budget. Forms can be created from scratch or chosen from our library of over 500 forms.

Our state of the art Patient Tracking system gives centers the opportunity to track the movements of patients and helps monitor patient waiting times.  The SurgeOn™ Scheduler offers several standard reports including:

  • Daily Schedules
  • Cancellation Report
  • Block Time Utilization Report
  • Schedule Look Ahead Report
  • Insurance Verification Reports
  • Pre-Op Scheduling Reports
    The SurgeOn™ Scheduler not only provides you with the tools to schedule all appointments on-line, but also provides a wealth of information about the procedure and the patient. Because SurgeOn™ is fully integrated, any changes made in the Scheduler will be automatically updated throughout the system.

Highlights Include:

  • Displays a physician's actual historic time for performing a particular procedure
  • Warns if the scheduled physician lacks the appropriate credentials to perform a procedure
  • Simplified rearrangement of the entire schedule by clicking and dragging appointment blocks
  • Checks for scheduling conflicts with equipment, rooms, or personnel
  • In cases of conflict, the system will show all available time graphically
  • Searches for cases with only a patient or surgeon name
  • Allows for physician block time scheduling and provides calculation of block time utilization
  • Alerts the user to incomplete patient demographic records
  • Streamlines in house communication using Patient Tracking and Note Posting
  • Automatic generation of professional chart packs, preference cards, and labels with merged patient information saves time and money
  • Protects accounts receivable by flagging financial risk patients, based on current outstanding balances or past experiences with the center
  • Calculates patient cost based on insurance verification and contract information
  • Prevents the scheduling of not covered cases through insurance verification tools