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registration-icon Registration

Patient Registration provides the ability to enter and maintain all patient demographic and insurance information.  Mini registration capability allows for minimal demographic information required for scheduling an appointment.

All departments and locations access the same database. Patient registrations exist in a single file. These features ensure that multiple users access consistent information every time.

Highlights Include:

  • Comprehensive patient and responsible party data
  • Ability to scan insurance card for display with patient insurance
  • On-line crosschecking for existence of active accounts
  • Entry of zip code populates city and state fields
  • Electronic Face Sheet allows for on-line verification of demographic, insurance, and appointment information
  • Medical alert codes displayed on patient information inquiries
  • On-line crosschecking for bad debt status of accounts
  • Insurance company, plan, and membership displayed
  • Referral Source identified
  • Capability to add additional patient and account data
  • Automatically assigns account numbers or manual entry
  • Automatically assigns chart numbers or manual entry
  • Ability to add needed patient data fields as required
  • Centralized or decentralized registration