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Support Information

Ongoing Support

Experior Healthcare Systems takes great pride in providing Unparalleled Service to all our clients.

Your phone calls are answered quickly. You will receive prompt responses with the majority of problems solved during the initial telephone call. Our trained support staff are available seven days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Because we strive to provide you with prompt, immediate attention, all calls are answered by support staff rather than a voice automated system.

E-Tech Services

Experior’s E-Tech is the answer to your information technology needs. We know having expensive Information Technology professionals provide routine maintenance and administration for your network is not an efficient use of resources.

Solve your IT problems with E-Tech , your virtual  IT staff!

E-Tech will :

  • Apply weekly updates to your system
  • Download the latest Client and help files
  • Maintain Client installs on Server
  • Provide monthly database maintenance (log file sizing, re-indexing)
  • Ensure scheduled tasks are in place
  • Monitor disk space
  • Perform a monthly defrag
  • Perform a monthly scandisk
  • Provide Servers Check configuration and monitoring
  • Be responsible for daily operations
  • E-Tech can streamline your operations, keep you positioned at the leading edge of technology, and ensure system performance at a fraction of the cost of an FTE.

When it comes to your information technology needs, only the most effective and efficient solution will do! Find out how E-Tech can eliminate your IT problems.

Contact an Experior representative at 800-595-2020 or  sales@experior.com today!