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scheduling-icon Scheduling

The Patient Scheduling module allows you to optimize physician and facility resources. With this module, you can customize scheduling parameters for each provider and efficiently manage heavy appointment scheduling areas.

Patient Scheduling features integrate closely with the credit department to provide information to manage identifiable problem accounts. Its lockout feature prevents patients from scheduling appointments when collection or other problems exist on the account. Combined with its reporting capabilities, the Patient Scheduling module significantly improves collections because of this extensive integration.

Use of the Patient Scheduling module reduces the number of no-show appointments which maximizes the use of your resources and facilities. Its automatic medical chart printing capability eliminates time-consuming telephone calls to request charts. Reports provide key statistical data for staffing requirements, employee productivity, population analysis, marketing, and resource planning.

The Patient Scheduling module interfaces with voice and e-mail appointment reminder systems such as "ReminderPro" from Inphonite. The system automatically dials, reminds, and confirms patient appointments by requesting a touch-tone or spoken response, reducing no-shows and improving patient satisfaction.

Highlights include:

  • Extensive audit trail features
  • Fully integrated for on-line account information
  • Automatic search for available appointment times
  • Multiple resource scheduling on one screen
  • Advanced scheduling with the desired department, physician, and equipment
  • Pre-registration capability with a problem description.