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general-ledger-icon General Ledger

The General Ledger module provides you with financial information critical to determining financial statements. While other financial modules automatically generate accounting entries, leaving only adjusting entries to be entered, the General Ledger module is a byproduct of daily operations, providing a complete financial database.

The General Ledger module automatically integrates with other financial modules, and provides either single entry or double entry mode. On-line inquiry capabilities allow you to view journal entries, account balances, account histories, and budget balances.

Among the many comprehensive reports and statements available in the General Ledger module are charts of accounts; balance sheet and balance sheet comparisons; journal entries log; income statements and comparative income statements and schedules; monthly budgeting and forecasting; and, comprehensive year-end summaries.

Highlights of the General Ledger module include:

  • On-line report requesting and system control
  • Multi-company, multi-divisional, and multi-department flexibility
  • Consolidation capabilities
  • Separate fiscal years for each company and client
  • Detail history for entire fiscal year
  • Ten-digit account number capability
  • Automatic integration with other financial modules
  • Up to ten years of account balance history.