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e-business-manager-icon e-Business Manager

Your staff can perform collection tasks quickly using the e-Business Manager module. Designed for collection specialists, this module allows your specialists to access and enter all information on-line.

You can optimize your collection ratio with one easy-to-use collection screen. This collector review screen is a worksheet for contacting accounts and updating activity. Each account automatically queues for review and requires the collection specialist to enter an action code before reviewing the next account. Client-defined criteria determine the assignment of accounts and collection policies.

The e-Business Manager module's on-line feature ensures that accounts are never missed for review, and the paperless system eliminates the frustration of lost notes. Statistical reports help you make important decisions on staff performance, requirements, and the effectiveness of your collection techniques. And, by managing collection accounts in-house, you increase revenue by eliminating the cost of large collection agency commissions.

Highlights of the e-Business Manager module include:

  • Automatic assignment of accounts based on client-defined criteria
  • Assigned collection specialist numbers are displayed in frequently used account screens
  • Total balance of bad debt and collection agency are displayed on the collection screen
  • Ability to track contact codes by creating billing messages when code is entered
  • Ability to enter recall code and date in the collection screen
  • Automatic assignment of accounts to small or large balance categories.