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Kim R. - Ambulatory Surgery Center in Lake Worth, FL
"I just wanted to let you know how incredibly wonderful Charlene has been. She is such a great help. Whatever the problem, she addresses it or has the correct department call with the solution. She is a great asset to your company! I wish our other software system's had Experior's customer support, it surpasses them all! "

Judith L. - Ambulatory Surgery Center in Sandwich, MA
"Raylene, you have been a life saver for all of us over here. I really appreciate it. Please thank the rest of the gang too, Stacey, Bob and Greg. I appreciate how easy it has been to get thru all of our little issues because of you ALL. Take care, Judy. "

Lisa K. - Ambulatory Surgery Center in Buffalo, NY
"We are in a big transition here at the Buffalo Surgery Center and it's good to know that through it all I have access to Raylene. Raylene has been an awesome resource through this tough time and we couldn't have done it without her. Just wanted you to know. Bob and Greg are great too!!. Thanks, Lisa. "

Kathy - Ambulatory Surgery Center in PA
"I just wanted to let Experior know that again Lacy and Bob in your Support Department have been such a great help to me when I need help. I had a problem come up recently with our Highmark electronic posting and it was probably like finding a needle in a haystack, but not for Lacy and Bob. They dove right in and found the problem quickly and came up with a solution for us to remedy the situation until I could put other measures in motion to head off the problem in future remits. My dealings with Lacy, Bob and Raylene have always been positive ones and I can always count on them to provide solutions to any problem I may have. I love their work ethic, professionalism, and calm approach to challenges clients come up with. They are a big part of why we like Experior."

Denise F. - Clifton Springs, NY
"I just wanted you to know that Bob has gone above and beyond the call of duty in helping our billing team leader.... You certainly have some excellent employees at your company! We just wanted you to know! Thanks, Denise."

Dawn L. - Ambulatory Surgery Center in Maumee, OH
"We would like to send a 'thanks' to Raylene and Crew. Where would a plate of cookies need to addressed to reach her? Thanks, Dawn."

Kim B. - Clifton Springs, NY
"Thank you so much!! You're wonderful!! This is going to make my day so much better. I really appreciate the time you spent working with me on this. ... Thanks again Bob, I really do appreciate it."

Sally W. - Ambulatory Surgery Center in Raleigh, North Carolina
"Thank you for including us in this online meeting. It was very informative. We appreciate you keeping us up-to-date on the latest changes."

Vivian F. - Ambulatory Surgery Center in Irving, TX
"I also appreciate that you went to the effort to put the Experior configuration changes in context - in other words you gave the bonus information about the regulatory changes as well.  The CMS web site is still confusing to us in this area, and we appreciate the links and the information from you all and from FASA."

Patty C. - Ambulatory Surgery Center in Warner Robins, GA
"I have worked at the surgery center for the past 10 years.  I have dealt with many people in different support offices.  I just want you to know that Raylene and Lacy have been the BEST.  They have always been so sweet, courteous, considerate at last but not least PATIENT.  They know their stuff.  You are very very blessed to have such wonderful staff as the two of them..."

Marcia S. - Medical Practice in Indianapolis, IN 
"I want to thank everyone at Experior for their outstanding service. Your training and technical support staff really know what's going on. Thank you for making our installation a smooth one."

Susan S. - Ambulatory Surgery Center in Dallas, TX
"Thank you so much for all of your hospitality when we came to Experior for training. Everyone in your company was so helpful and really made our learning experience great. You have a great team which speaks volumes for your company. I did not ask but would venture to guess you have many long time employees. Shelia and I feel that we came away with alot of knowledge and the training manual will be invaluable for future reference. Thanks for forwarding the information and all your help."

Kathy C. - Ambulatory Surgery Center in Allentown, PA
"Thank you to everyone at Experior this week for all your help in all my issues this week.  It was a rough one due to some personal losses and insurance issues here.  The fact that you get back to me so quickly and are so helpful made it much easier on me and for that I am grateful.  I am looking forward to our training next week."

Julie K. - Medical Practice in Fort Wayne, IN
"We are so pleased with our new practice management software! Your staff was professional, thorough and a real joy to work with. Experior really has a great product. Thanks for making my job easy!"

Lisa C. - Ambulatory Surgery Center in Homestead, PA
"We have been impressed with Experior beginning on the first day you visited our facility. We have been impressed with everyone's efforts and professionalism. Great Job."

Pat G. - Ambulatory Surgery Center in Springfield, MA
"The Training was excellent - Raylene was outstanding. The software meets our expectations in the scheduling area and exceeds in the billing area. The system is easy to understand and navigate through."

Anne L. - Ambulatory Surgery Center in Melbourne, FL
"I LOVE the new software. It is so easy to use and has saved us a ton of time."

Vivian F. - Ambulatory Surgery Center in Irving, TX
"The Experior system is great! Your support staff is second to none. Your response time and knowledge are outstanding."

Kellie K. - Office Install and Implementation Support for EMDEON Business Services
"I just wanted to let you know what PHENOMENAL support you have with Experior!! I've already tested 2 files, and am going to be testing a corrected file within the next half hour or so - if they keep this up - we should be able to go ahead and have you submit a production file within the next week, which means that your account will then hold the title, in my experience, for the quickest 4010 Implementation I've ever had the pleasure to work with. Thanks."

Kathy C. - Ambulatory Surgery Center in Allentown, PA
"Thank You... It was only with your help that those Highmarks got there on Friday...and now to get the payments today, is just too cool.  So I hope you got to brag a little bit there at Experior. Thanks, again."